Are you, or a loved one, suffering from anxiety and/or depression? Confused about both the problem [what ‘it’ is] and the solution [what to do]?

Brain-Fuel Depletion: Making Sense of Anxiety and Depression

is a new simple model that The Hon Andrew Robb AO; former MP/Minister for Finance; author of Black Dog Daze; described as: “A truly excellent book which I read, in a night, and was so impressed by its simple, intuitive and non-confronting explanation of such a complex condition. I’ll purchase many copies [16, so far].”
Written by Peter Symons with Dr. Clyde Jumeaux.

Watch the 30 min video or download the 1st 3 chapters [which explain the model] and see if it resonates. This stuff is free and it’s here to help. You’ve got nothing to lose.

You can buy the hardback or Kindle version of the book here …

The BFD Model

Our brain cells ‘Talk’ to each other via important chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters.  We call them ‘brain-fuels’.  Adequate levels of brain-fuels are vital for both the brain, and body, to operate well. 


About the authors

This book is written by two people at the opposite ends of the depression spectrum: Peter Symons, an equine veterinarian who was mystified by the cause and devastated by the effects of this condition; and Clyde Jumeaux, a doctor whose unique description and management of this condition has transformed many lives.

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