About the Authors

Peter Symons

Is an equine veterinarian. In 2001 he recovered well, physically, from his third brain haemorrhage and second brain surgery. That was the easy part – a much bigger challenge soon presented itself.

He spent an horrendous six months suffering emotionally…to the point of suicidality; before reluctantly seeking help. He was diagnosed with ‘depression’, despite never feeling depressed. During that period, despite his medical knowledge, he was confused and embarrassed by his symptoms, his failure to cope, his lack of understanding and inability to ‘cure’ himself.

When he finally received a diagnosis he decided that his condition – depression, and the way it is explained – just did not make sense. With Clyde Jumeaux he has spent the years since 2001 developing the Brain-Fuel Depletion model that, finally, makes sense of this confusing condition.

Clyde Jumeaux

Is a doctor; a general practitioner.

After graduation, Clyde went into practice where he began developing his Brain-Fuel Depletion model.

He saw patients who didn’t fit the usual depression or anxiety ‘pigeon holes’, but who had similar symptoms. Many had seen a variety of doctors; with some labelled ‘hypochondriacs’. Clyde noted that most were intelligent, motivated people so he looked ‘outside the square’ for an explanation.

The result was the Brain-Fuel Depletion model – a simple, logical explanation that gives great relief to his patients.

Clyde and his family of 6 live in Western Australia where he continues to work as a GP, and teach medical students.

His Brain-Fuel Depletion model is a great achievement in clear thinking.

Clyde rarely mentions his greatest gift but it’s even more impressive – it’s a kidney. In 2002 Clyde had a friend who urgently required a kidney transplant. Clyde happily made this sacrifice. He is a doctor who cares.